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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What I Wore

I have a lot of outfits because I didn't post last week... enjoy!

I wore this outfit last fall and have been waiting for it to get warm again so I could wear it again. After noticing the color scheme I couldn't help but throw on the giraffe print necklace to show you how it matched. : )

Okay I LOVE this dress! I wish the photo was better so that you could see it. I felt so pretty with my new dress, curly hair, and hydrangea bib necklace! My mom took me shopping and got this dress for me. I wore it with the blazer to make it a little more sharp (and warm), but I think it looks pretty without too.

If you like the necklace, you can buy yours here. I have one left!

I kind of forgot about this jacket. I think this was the first time I wore it this school year. But it's kind of cute, eh?

I don't have much to say about this. Not very exciting.

I have learned not to buy many black shirts. I like to wear black with jeans, but can't wear jeans to work, so therefore I don't wear black much. I was trying to get some use out of this top. It's not very exciting, but I like the juxtaposition of the metals and the floral.

Aren't these shoes just cute? My grandpa bought them for me! I am so glad for spring so that I can wear them again. This was an el cheap-o outfit. The shirt was $3 at Walmart and the pants $2.50 at Old Navy. Gotta love it!

I love my orange dress! And guess what I found?! These nude colored platform wedges were in my closet! I totally forgot about them. They were in the pile of "I don't wear anymore but can't get rid of yet" shoes. I saved them from the last time they were in style. Thank goodness!

More spring clothes! Yay!

Too many shadows in the photos... Another remix for the handmade skirt. See some other ways it has been worn here, here, and here.

How could I not mention wearing this dress this week? I dressed as Cinderella for a friend's daughter's birthday party. The little girls were all about 4 years old and darling! They were in such awe of me. One of the girls said that this was the best day of her life!

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