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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What I Wore

This is my rule breaking outfit. I wore a dress as a skirt. I have never done that before. I got this fabulous new dress on clearance at Target for $6. I have been wanting a striped skirt so it was perfect. I wore it with the belt I got there for $4 and the t-shirt I made (tutorial here), and $6 wedges. I really really really love this look! And I am super proud of its cheapness.

It's so sad that I have to wear a long sleeved shirt in May. But I remixed it pretty good by pairing it with the cream ruffle shirt. I haven't done that before. I paired it with my $2 Old Navy crop pants and sandals for work.

Eek! Don't mind the mess! This outfit was inspired by one I saw in a local store. I really liked it but didn't know if I could do it since I only had a long sleeved blue cardigan. Then I realized I could roll up the sleeves and make it appropriate for spring. I need to wear it with white capris and a gold nautical necklace to match the store completely so when it's a bit warmer I will try that. Can you tell that I like my new belt?

Okay, this outfit may be a little out there. I asked husband to pick a color. He chose blue so I used this shirt. Then I matched it to a skirt because I knew I didn't want to wear pants. I had to wear boots because it's cold. The gray sweater wasn't too bad, but maybe I should have stopped before I added the yellow belt? Oh well, it was a gloomy day at school, everyone it seemed was wearing gray and black so I brought some color to the world.

This is my last post of "work clothes." Today was the last day that I have to wear work appropriate wear again until August. School is out in just a few days and we get "free dress" for the rest of the week.

I think I am the only one who is depressed that school is ending. My amazing 9th grade student council kids are leaving me. I will go from interacting with 100+ people a day to sitting alone in my basement craft room. It's cold outside. I have a lot to do still this week for school and church. And worst of all, my best friend is moving far far away soon.


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