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Monday, June 21, 2010

Refashion #2 (Simple t-shirt makeover)

I have finally got around to trying another refashion project! I have had this shirt for years. I think it's cute, but boring. I needed to add something to make it a little more fashionable and fun.
First, I cut out three circles of some polyester lining fabric. They are about 2 inches, but I ended up cutting them down later so just experiment and see what size works for you.

Gather each circle by pinching the center of the circle to form petals.

Pinch the center of the othe two circles and add them to the bunch.

If you want a larger or smaller bloom just add or subtract the number of circles.
Stitch the circles together at the bottom several times and several directions until it forms a nice bloom.

Cut off the bottom of the bloom to create a flat edge (instead of a pointed one).

Stitch it to your shirt. (You could probably also glue it if you wanted.)
Doesn't the shirt look better already?

I added different numbers of circles to make clusters and stiched them on the shirt until I was satisfied with the amount of ruffle.
Ta da!!
It is very simple, but I think it adds a lot to the shirt! : )

Check out my first refashion here.
I have a fun 4th of July jewelry project coming up later this week so stay tuned!
My brother's wedding is this week too, so this weekend or beginning of next week I should have pictures of the bridesmaid belts with the dresses and another paper flower project we are using at the wedding dinner.
Thanks for reading!!
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