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Monday, June 28, 2010

The Wedding Dinner

First off, thanks so much for the wonderful reception to my Fireworks Bracelet tutorial! I am so happy to see so many positive comments. Also, a big hello and welcome to the new readers who have joined Yellow Blackbird recently!

Well, the wedding that I have been blogging about for weeks is finally over! I am going to tell you all about the wedding dinner today, and then do a post about the reception later this week. This was my little brother's wedding.

First, I want to show you these cute favor boxes that my mom and I made. I took pictures as I was making them so I could do more of a tutorial post, but they disappeared and I have no idea why. But luckily it is a very simple process, ha ha:

1. Buy some boxes from Walmart

2. Fold boxes

3. Make roses

4. Insert tissue paper and chocolate in boxes

5. Attach ribbon and rose to box (I used hot glue)

6. Display on table! : )

Anyway, I think the boxes really added to the table. The center pieces arranged by my mom were so pretty, but the roses just tied it all together.

My mom used laterns and candles for the center pieces (we always use battery powered candles because of my dad's asthma). She purchased these frames at the dollar store and put pictures of the bride and groom as children in them. (No, we did not marry my kid brother off. This is a picture of him from junior high, I think.) The flowers also look really pretty. We matched them to the paper to make the roses.

For the head table, my mom used a larger lantern and doubled the display with a more recent photo of the bride and the groom.

My mom purchased the tablecloths so she went with a neutral color so they could be reused. We borrowed plates from my mother-in-law that had been used at my wedding, borrowed the goblets, and used nice looking but plastic silverware.

At first I was iffy about the black napkins, but I think they look really nice.

This is a view of the entire room. We were able to rent a nice clubhouse near my parents home that made it so convenient.

Here is a picture of my cute husband and me at the dinner. I was so excited to wear this dress I snagged at Target, but then everyone else wore black and looked really classy and I felt like a clown. : ) Oh well, at least I still have the fun dress for other occasions.

I hope soon to do a post about the necklace. It was origionally purchased from Old Navy, but then altered by me!

Have a wonderful day!

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