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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Secret Sister Gifts

Recently I returned from girl's camp. It was a lot of fun! As part of the camp we drew names in advance of a "secret sister." We were supposed to give our secret sister one gift each day during camp. I drew Stephanie, who is one of the other leaders. Of course I had to make my gifts!

The first thing I made was a monogram letter of her last name. I found the wooden 'N' on clearance at Walmart for $1! You can also buy them at most any craft store. I painted the letter, traced the letter on paper, cut out the paper and attached it to the wood with Modge Podge. I went pretty simple with this one, only adding the black ribbon as an embellishment.

I didn't know the colors of her home, so I chose what I hoped would be neutral enough to go anywhere. (I even scoured her Facebook page looking for clues!)

Next, I embellished a pair of flip-flops just for her. Right now Walmart has a lot of different colors of flip-flops available for only $2 a pair! I picked up the trim at Walmart too.

I cut the trim to size, then attached it with E-600 glue. I will only use this glue outside. It smells wretched for a while until it dries completely! I then created a flower using this tutorial that I have linked to several times before.

I attached the flower with the stinky glue and left the shoes outside for a while to dry and air out!

I wanted to make sure that Stephanie knew each item was for her and that it was the secret sister gift so I created tags. My fall back method for gift tags is to place a single letter (or double for a wedding) monogram on a plain tag. It looks so clean and sharp.
I matched the tag to a ribbon and attached one to each gift.
I was going to make a third gift but I ran out of time so I just did candy for the last day.

I still want to do the giveaway! I haven't had much time for promoting lately, but as soon as I get 200 "likes" on my Facebook page, I will giveaway a headband or hair clip!

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