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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Book Page Blackout Poems

Recently I have linked you to the "How to Steal Like an Artist" article and the Newspaper Blackout Poems books both by Austin Kleon. I have never been one for much poetry, but decided to give the newspaper blackout poetry a try. Please go read about it but basically you take a written piece (newspaper article or in this case book page) and blackout the words that you don't want to make a poem.

I gave it my own spin by using book pages and paint rather than newspaper and Sharpie.

I am a little embarrassed for you to read my poems so hopefully my experimentation with my new camera lens make them too blurry to fully read. : )

If you choose to use the paint method, be sure to use a very small brush to go around the words you want to show. I accidentally painted over some of the words I was planning on using. Oops.

I am planning on hanging these in my craft room, but I am not sure how yet. I think it would be cute hanging from some clothespins. Any ideas?

This isn't my usual type of project, but it was fun to try something a little different! Let me know if you take a look at the Newspaper Blackout website and/or try your own!

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