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Saturday, January 14, 2012

What I Wore

Target dress and cardigan, Payless boots, local boutique belt, hand-me-necklace, Walmart tights

WHEN: Thursday, January 12


GETTING CREATIVE: I have always loved the combo of blue and orange and when I saw this the other day I was reminded of that fact. I have always struggled with how to belt this dress since it is a faux wrap with a tie. It usually has to be tied in a bow, but I figured it out. I wrapped the tie around me a few times and tucked it in itself and it stayed all day! I don't think I will be belting without a cardi, but I am happy about it!

Old dress??, Target cardigan and scarf, belt traded with Paige, Madden Girl boots via DSW

WHEN: Sunday, January 8

WHERE: Church

GETTING CREATIVE: Well I did get the idea for this outfit from her so I can't take too much credit for it. I do love the repeating elements- the ruffles in the sweater and boots, and rivets in the belt and boots.

Hand me down shirt, Old skirt??, Gifted NY & Co. belt, Walmart tights, Target shoes and necklace

WHEN: Tuesday, January 10


GETTING CREATIVE: This was one of those days I had to take a photo of myself and it turned out terrible. But I do love the outfit... and it was my own idea, NOT from Pinterest! : )

H&M shirt, Cold Water Creek sweater, NY & Co. pants, local boutique belt, Payless boots

WHEN: Wednesday, January 11


GETTING CREATIVE: I have to wear my red pants at least once per week. And yup, thank you Pinterest. Seriously you guys, how did we get dressed before Pinterest?

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