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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Disney Week: Mickey Headband Tutorial

As I mentioned in an earlier Disney Week post, Disney merchandise in the park can be expensive! I wanted something fun I could wear on my trip that wouldn't cost hardly anything. I decided to make my own Micky Mouse headband!

First, I created the ever popular rosettes out of a $1 t-shirt I bought for projects such as this. I like the t-shirt material for this project because I think the circles look less like flowers.

Make one large circle for the head and two smaller circles for the ears. (The artist in the Animation Studio at the park said that if the head is a quarter the ears should be dimes. I think my ears could have been a little bigger.)

This is plain Mickey but you could jazz it up if you want.

You can add some bling.

I also think it would be so cute to add ribbon and make Minnie Mouse.

(Sorry for the sideways picture. Some of my pictures lately are just doing that I don't know what the problem is.)

I decided to stick with just a plain Mickey. Glue the rosettes on a piece of felt to look like Mickey. Cut out around the Mickey shape.

Attach it to the headband with hot glue. Then put a small piece of felt over the back to finish it off.

This is the best picture I have from the trip of me wearing the headband.

Not a good photo, I know.

These Mickeys could also be used as hair clips, or attached to t-shirts or tote bags for your Disney trip. I think they would make really cute and unique gifts for little girls (especially Minnie Mouse).

Come back tomorrow to see my last Disney project. Then return this weekend for another shirt refashion!

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