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Monday, August 9, 2010

Disney Week: Know Before You Go

Last week I spent a magical week in Disneyland with just my husband to celebrate our anniversary. In honor of the fun I had and the artistic inspiration I have gained, I have decided to have "Disney Week" on my blog. Don't worry, there will be crafts! (This weekend I will return to shirt refashions. I have an awesome Anthro inspired blouse to show you!)

If you are planning a trip to a Disney Park read on for my tips on preparing for the trip. This first tip would be great for a picnic with the kids too!

We had to drive 11 hours to get to Disneyland. I wanted to pack some healthy-ish snacks so that we would be less tempted to stop for junk food and waste money. I thought it would be much more fun to have Disney themed snacks!

I purchased Disney fruit snacks, Disney dried fruit, and Mickey Mouse cheese. I even sprung for the brand name fruit bars because they had Toy Story on the box!

(I didn't really like the dried fruit, but my husband did.)

I also brought bread and peanut butter to make sandwiches along the way (and you could even take them in to the park to save lunch money). I had the brilliant idea of making the sandwiches shaped like Mickey Mouse but my cookie cutter was too big for the bread. I had already gone to the grocery store and we were leaving the next day so I didn't buy different bread.

I didn't do this on purpose, but even the bread I bought was Disney with the Camp Rock 2 advertisement.

I also threw in some gram crackers and some 100 calorie pack cookies (compromising for my husband.) I put everything in this cute giant Mickey tote that my mother-in-law brought back from her Disney trip.

(Sorry for the sideways picture, I don't know what is wrong!)

The greatest Disney tip I have ever heard is to buy toys and prizes for your kids at Walmart or the dollar store before the trip. Then, every day you can give your kids a gift without breaking the bank. When I have kids and take them to Disneyland I am totally doing this!

I think this advice is also good for clothes. Every time I go to a Disney Park I want to buy a Disney shirt but just a Mickey t-shirt can run $30!

So instead I found this cute Mickey t-shirt at Walmart for only $3! I bought it before the trip and waited to wear it when I was there. I wore it the first and last days of the trip and feel like I got my money's worth!

My family has booked quite a few trips through You get a great deal and they always give each adult traveler a Disney pin. I really have a fetish for pins so I love it. (The kiddos get a different prize but I am not sure what it is.)

Come back again this week for more Disney fun!

Tuesday: Tips for the parks

Wednesday: DIY Mickey accessories

Thursday: Mickey birthday card

Weekend: Anthro inspired blouse.

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