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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Refashion #5 Rosette Tee

I know this is not a new idea. Rosette tees are all over the place. But I thought I would share my version with you!

This is the second of my Old Navy basic $5 tees. (Click here to see the first project. There's one more to go and it is something special!)

I created the rosettes out of black, white, and gray t-shirts. I chose to use t-shirts so the roses wouldn't fray. If you haven't made these roses yet click here for a tutorial I found online to show you how. They are so easy and cute!

Arrange the rosettes on your t-shirt. I always play around for a few minutes to find the perfect arrangement. Then I take a photo of my project so I can look back at the arrangement in case it gets messed up during the gluing or sewing.

I took the advice of my blog readers and purchased some fabric glue. I used that to attach the flowers instead of my standard hot glue treatment.

I left the tags on because this shirt was a gift. I just wanted to try it on to make sure that the roses looked okay and didn't pop off. Sorry Callie! But while I had it on I snapped a few pictures!


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