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Monday, July 26, 2010

Nautical Jewelry Tutorial

Many of you may have probably seen the tutorial for the sailor's knot bracelets on Etsy, especially because it was featured on U-Create. When I saw the tutorial I knew I had to try it! I immediately went to the craft store and bought some cord. Read on to see how it went and get my advice.

This photo was the first time (after a couple of tries) that I successfully finished the bracelet. It wasn't too bad, but it was way too big! I used a soup can like they suggested, but it was too big for me. I have really tiny wrists.

I used this smaller can of baking powder to create my bracelet. If you want one in small size use a can like this.

It took a few more tries until I got it looking (almost) perfect. I was really happy with how it turned out- except one thing. I had tons of cord left! The instructions called for 3 1/2 yards and I had a little over 1 yard left. If you want to make a small bracelet buy a little less cord!

I had to come up with some other use for the cord and this is what I got:

I love it! I didn't take step-by-step pictures because I was experimenting but I will explain what to do:

-Arrange your cord in a design you like on a piece of cardstock.

-Dip a toothpick in strong glue like E-6000 (go outside to use this smelly glue!).

-Place the toothpick between two pieces of touching cord. Squeeze the cord together and pull the toothpick out.

-Repeat with all places where the cord is touching. Let dry

The clasp isn't very professional; I know there are much better methods out there but I just wanted to use what I had on hand. Here is a how-to:

-Wrap the ends of the cord in clear tape to keep it from fraying.

-Hot glue chain to the taped cord.

-Hot glue ribbon over the tape and chain, tucking the ends of the ribbon under to prevent fraying.

-Attach a clasp to the chain using jewelry pliers.

I was a little surprised at how much my husband liked this one, seeing as how it is a bit different. But I love it! I am wearing it as I am writing this!

I should not have taken these photos on a white background. Oh well...

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