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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Refashion #3 Flower Tank

The inspiration for this shirt came from this tank from Alisa Burke. But since I can't draw, paint, or really even sew her project was hopeless for me! Instead I had to create my own method to (hopefully) achieve the same effect (although hers is much prettier!).

I have had this pink tank in my closet for a long time and I rarely wear it. I bought it to wear under a hoodie, but then realized that wasn't smart because I couldn't take the hoodie off if I get hot (I don't wear tanks without something under or over them). I decided to try to spice it up a bit so I can wear it again.

First, choose your color scheme. I went through my paint collection and chose shades of pink, purple, and orange. I used acrylic paint which may or may not have been the best choice. I don't know that much about paint. I just won't be throwing this shirt in the washing machine!

Because I can't paint my own flowers I used these foam stamps from Memory Makers.

I stamped a variety of flowers in a variety of colors onto a t-shirt I got on clearance for a few dollars at Walmart (using a t-shirt instead of just white cotton is a good idea because the t-shirt won't fray).

I tried the tank on with the cardigan I was going to wear with it and pinned where I wanted the flowers so they would show the best. (No picture of this.)

Cut the flowers out and arrange them on the shirt. I had to go back and stamp and cut out more flowers a couple of times to get enough.

I realized as I was arranging the flowers that the tank would stretch when I wore it and may look funny. The best thing I could think to do (actually I think it was my husband's idea) was to stuff a pillow inside the shirt to make it stretch out.

The most professional thing to do would be to hand sew each flower on the shirt. But, I had already spent a lot of time on this shirt so I took the easy way out and hot glued the flowers on. Like I said, I won't be throwing this in the washing machine.

All done!

Oh yeah, check that out!

I am so pleased with how it turned out!

I have several more refashions coming!

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