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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What I Wore

I have felt in a bit of a clothing rut lately... but there's nothing like a bout of cold weather and dash of snow to put a little excitement in one's wardrobe!

I loved this outfit. I am sporting my new almost knee-high boots and have my scarf belted. I love wearing the scarf that way because it stays in place, but isn't heavy because there is no knot.
I added my new yellow coat from Old Navy to go out. I wore this outfit for dinner out on Saturday, but loved it so much that I switched the jeans for black pants and wore it to work on Monday too. Isn't the coat fab??

I also really loved this look. I am so happy to be wearing my ruffle boots again. I am so happy to have a long mustard cardi this season. I am also wearing my new silver leaf charm but you can't see it very well. I wore this for a night out with friends, so I will repeat it (maybe with slight variation) for work and a family party or something. If it isn't the same people seeing the outfit, I don't mind wearing it again.

My boot is a little too slouchy in this picture, but this is another one of my new pairs for this fall (I got 3!). This skirt came from the thrift store. I have decided that thrifting isn't my favorite thing to do. But occasionally I will try it out and hopefully find some great stuff.

This last look is what I threw on to go grocery shopping one night. A funky hoodie, warm scarf, and snuggly boots. Maybe not the most fashion forward thing, but I was comfy and warm!

Don't forget that the shopping trip I am taking into my closet this week is all about finding inspiration on Pinterest. I actually wore my outfit already (and loved it!) but am saving my photo for Saturday. Come back to link up either an outfit that was inspired by Pinterest, or anything else you came up with while shopping in your closet.

Linking up with Momma Go Round and Pleated Poppy.

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