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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Shop Your Closet

Wahoo! A couple of you tried out the brooches last week! You did great! Thanks for joining me!

This week's shopping trip was to wear some of that holiday sparkle before the holidays. I chose to wear this green glittery tank. I remember going shopping with my friend Erica and she helped me pick this out. We got in at Papaya in December of 2005. We also bought a shrug from Express. It was the first shrug/cardigan type item I bought. I wore them both to our New Year's Eve party. This was about 1 year before husband and I started dating, but I already had a big crush on him. I felt like I was looking fine that night. : ) Since then, I have really only wore this on holidays. I decided this week to wear it on a regular 'ol day.

I chose to pair the tank with my favorite blue cardigan, black skinnies, and my favorite brown boots. (If you have been with me for awhile you might recall how many times I wore this cardi/boot combo last year. Looks like we're in for that again!) I am also wearing a new leaf necklace that I picked up at the Gem Faire a couple of weekends ago.

I don't know if I am completely satisfied with this. I had something else in mind, but didn't try it on the night before. When I got dressed in the morning it looked terrible so I quickly grabbed this cardigan and went with it. It look okay, though. I have thought of a few other ways to wear this so hopefully we'll be seeing it a bit more.

And seeing it was the first day of winter (remember how I said it snowed?) I am glad I bundled up in a coat and scarf!

Did you play along? Link up below! I realize this feature is mostly about me and may be hard to participate in. Does anyone have any suggestions for future shopping trips into our closets? I am up for new ideas! Please use the button and spread the love.

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NEXT SHOPPING TRIP: PINTEREST INSPIRED. I have a ton of ideas waiting for my closet on my style board on Pinterest. This week I am going to put those to good use and come up with a new outfit. If you don't use Pinterest you can borrow my board, or just be inspired by another blogger, an ad, or something else on the Internet.

Good luck!

P.S. thanks for letting me know the linky wasn't working last week. Continue to report problems!


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