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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Upcycled: clothes into accessories

I have been compiling some ideas on recycled crafts for an upcoming church activity. This is what I have made out of old clothes.

#1: Jersey necklace. This necklace was made by cutting long strips of a t-shirt and pulling them to stretch them out. I got my inspiration from The Sisters 4 Say More is More. They are the queens of jersey necklaces. Here is a link to their fabulous jewelry tutorials. This necklace took mere minutes to make! (picture is sideways)

#2 T-shirt flowers necklace. I made this using the same technique as an Anthro knock-off necklace shown at this link. I just used more petals this time and used ribbon instead of chain. Pretty for spring!

#3. Denim flower. This idea came from Tea Rose Home. This flower can be used as a brooch or hair accessory. I found it easier to scrunch up after I sprayed it with water.

#4 T-shirt flower. I sewed a pin back on this one because it is a little big for me to wear in my hair. I will post a tutorial for this simple flower soon!
Upcycling is fun! Do you have any other ideas that I could use for my activity? Leave a link in your comment!


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