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Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Few of my Favorite Shoes

The girls over at Sisters 4 Say More is More are having a shoe linky party this week. I thought it might be fun to play along. Here are a few shoes from my closet.

If you have read my blog at all, you know all about these boots. But how could I do a shoe post without including them? They are Steve Madden from DSW.

I bought these white wedges from Payless to wear to my brother's wedding dinner, at which I ended up looking like a clown in my brightly colored maxi dress while everyone else wore really class clothes. Oh well...

I have had these wedges since 2005 and still wear them all the time. Love them! They are from Kohl's.

My yellow "wedgies" (as my grandma calls them) are getting a little worn out but I still wear them and love them. I love yellow shoes! I think I got these at a store called Forever Young Shoes.

These beauties were only $4 at the thrift store. They remind me of the shoes worn by Danielle in Ever After. Love that movie. Had to have the shoes. I don't wear them very often though. For some reason I have a hard time mixing them in the wardrobe...

I just got these new sandals from Target. Aren't they amazing?

Of course, I had to put my red heels in. They were only $5, as you have already read here. I should wear them more.

I bought a new pair today but I have to let shoes sit in my closet for awhile before I decide for sure I want to keep them... Actually I have 3 new pairs sitting in there waiting for me...

Go link up your shoes! Hurry, I think Monday is the last day!

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