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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Refashion #1 (Ruffles!)

I love ruffles! In fact, I just won a contest over at SteffsFashion for suggesting that she post about ruffles. (I got a gift card to Forever 21! Thanks Steffanie!!)

I have been on the hunt for the perfect ruffle shirt for a long time. I never found what I was looking for so I decided to make my own! I used this tutorial from the Tea Rose Home and then adjusted as necessary. I found my t-shirts on clearance at Old Navy for about $2.50 each. I bought the size that would fit me and then an XXL so I had plenty of fabric to cut up.

Sachiko used 15 flowers to cover her entire shirt. I decided to do a fuller ruffle so I sewed mine pretty close together. I am not sure how many flowers I used. It was probably almost 30. I still have a lot of fabric left over. Eventually, I want to make a headband using this technique.

I LOVE how the shirt turned out. It's so fun to wear because I always get compliments on it and I get to say "Thanks! I made it myself!"

Last weekend I went shopping and found a ruffle jacket! I was in love! I love jackets and with ruffles it was so me! Of course I bought it! I went a little nuts at the mall that day actually. I have some returns to make. : )


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