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Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Retro Room

When we moved into our house we knew we wanted some kind of fun family room in the basement. We chose a retro theme (we used 40s, 50s, 60s, and 70s). We put a few posters up but left the pale green paint and striped curtains up. Last fall we finished the room and are very happy with the results.

It isn't very conventional, but it is super fun! We really aren't going for a room that looks like it is from that time period, but one that celebrates the past!

The pictures aren't fabulous. It is the basement so I had to use the flash. : (

The bright red paint is from Home Depot (if anyone happens to want the exact color just ask and I will go find out). The tables from Ikea matched perfectly. We also bought the entertainment center from Ikea. This is the Expedit entertainment center. You can customize it so we put in the red cupboards and blue drawers.

I also loved this piece because of all the display shelves. A lot of these items were gits. My favorite is the Rosie the Rivetor tin my grandma brought me from Washington D.C. I also have a Rosie poster given to me years ago by friends but it doesn't show in any of these pictures.

I made this mirror by attaching cut up scrapbook paper to the frame with Modge Podge. It actually represents the 20s and 30s so I guess we got a little older than the 40s.

The black curtains were really cheap at Walmart. We like the movie theater look the curtains add to the room. I love the WWII posters I have!

The black shelf is from Ikea and matches the rest of the furniture. These tin signs were given to me as gifts also.

An old fashioned Utah greeting card purchased at the capitol building and a Hershey tin.

My husband loves Star Wars. He gets to display a little of his collection here!

I had a hard time finding ideas for a retro room online so I hope that some one who is searching for ideas finds this post!


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