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Thursday, March 24, 2011

YOUR Accordion Strands and a lot of blabbering

Several of you have now tried the Accordion Strands Anthropologie knock-off tutorial. Check out these lovelies for more inspiration to make your own!

This leopard print version is by Melissa at Ador.

I love the hot pink! Find this one at Heidi's Hobby.

I want to make a yellow one like this one at Salt and Pepper.

Again, here is the one found at Two Carolina Nesters.

Go tell these bloggers what a great job they did on the project!

I have been doing A TON of research and "Googling" looking for upcycled and repurposed projects (neither of which is a real word) for a church activity I am making. I am going to have some incredible projects to share with you! I have found some amazing stuff out there. If you click here I will give you a tantalizing peek at the inspiration for an upcoming project. Although I hope mine is half as good as this project is! And please save your tp holders for me...

I am so worn out tonight. I am continuing to write so that I can procrastinate going to the grocery store. I want to finish listening to the BYU game before I go- there's only a few minutes left. Yes, husband, I am listening to the BYU game all by myself. But you will never know because you never read this blog. He said he would read it if I ever wrote about deep thoughts or something but how will he know if I blog about my deep thoughts if he never reads it?

Earlier tonight a salesman or someone came to my door. I never answer if I am home alone. I just peek out the window and watch until they leave. We have a No Soliciting sign so it irks me to no end when someone comes. As I am peering out the window I SWEAR I heard the guy trying the knob. I almost passed out! I was SO scared! In a millisecond I formulated a plan to run out the garage door so he couldn't get me. Then he walked away and it took 10 minutes for my heart to slow down.

The game is in commercial now so I will tell you another story about a salesman. Last week I was expecting my SIL so when the doorbell rang I flung the door open all excited-like. It was not her. It was some dude wanting me to sign a petition. Correction- he wanted my parents to sign the petition. He asked if my mom and dad were home. This happened to husband once and he just said no they are not and closed the door. Hilarious! I was annoyed so I gave the guy a stern look and explained that I was the homeowner, thank you very much. He gaped at me and just looked stupid. Finally he asked how old I was. I acted all offended and said that I didn't feel comfortable telling him that. Dur. Did he think I was a 16-year-old homeowner or something? Don't people know that "soliciting" means asking for something, not just money. So ANYTHING you are asking for at my door violates my No Soliciting sign. *Sigh*

Oh man, overtime!!! I wonder if it will be over by the time I get to the store... Dang it!

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