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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What I Wore: 2 weeks worth and a lot of yays!

Yay for spring! Even though it's not technically spring, we all want to think that it is so I dressed like Spring many days. This is my first What I Wore post of March so this is two weeks worth of outfits.

Yay! Bare legs! I wore this outfit today because it reached 60 degrees! I usually wear this skirt with brown shoes and a brown top but decided to go mis-matching like all the fashion bloggers say to and wore navy and mustard with it. I liked it.

I already showed this outfit when I posted about my plastic cup necklace. Go ahead! Check it out! Click the link!

I just love this jacket so I got it in a couple of times on the warmer days.

Let me tell you the story of these shoes... my mom bought them. She let me borrow them once I think. Then I was never allowed to wear them again. BUT she hardly wore them either so I went and bought my own pair. They have little jewels all around them. I tend to forget about them for awhile and then go crazy wearing them a lot like I did this week.

Dare I post this photo? I was headed to the skating rink for a school activity. (I am a jr. high teacher and apparently wanted to blend right in.)

This is the dress I bought for my wedding dinner. I wanted to accessorize it and like how it turned out.

Simple for a Sunday afternoon (also wore to work with a dif necklace a week later). I have had this sweater all winter trying to do a refashion. I gave up and just wore it plain.

Lovin' the bright colors of spring! Wore this on my Thursday night movie date to see TRON last week! YAY TRON!!!

I totally broke one of my own rules by wearing opened toed shoes on March 1st. Oh well.

I just realized that I forgot to write where I bought everything and stuff. If you are curious about something leave a comment and I will answer you. I have to jet off to turbo kick class because I need a good workout in the worst way!

Linking up with Pleated Poppy.

Have a great week, friends!

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