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Friday, July 13, 2012

Princess T-Shirts (Freezer Paper Stenciling)

My twin nieces just turned 4. They will soon be leaving for their first trip to Disneyland. I wanted to make them t-shirts for their birthday that they could wear on their trip.  Their names start with A and B so I used their favorite Disney Princess to make the shirt for Princesses A and B. For information on how to do freezer paper stenciling, see the links in this post.

 You can see here where I messed up a little bit in the P. Don't try to reuse a stencil! I used the stencil for shirt A, then again for shirt B because I had already spent hours, literally! on these shirts and didn't have time to make another stencil. It didn't work out so well.

When making a stencil never forget to flip the image and cut out a mirror image of the pictures and words. That is part of the reason these took so long (probably almost 4 hours). If you do everything correctly it shouldn't be quite that bad. I really hope the shirts fit and that they will wear them after all that work I put into it!

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