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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Prank

I am not usually one for pranks. I think they are mean and cause a lot of inconvenience, hurt feelings, and even damage. Husband Spencer knows that he is FORBIDDEN from any sort of April Fool's joke. But when the prank is mutually agreed upon, and ESPECIALLY when it is creative, art really, I can understand.

Some of my neighbors often prank each other back and forth using the mannequin that you can see peeking out of the car. This was the most creative prank I have ever seen so I just had to share for the sake of art and creativity. :)

That's right. The car is entirely decked out in sticky notes. As far as I know, it took 5 people 3 hours to do. They even trimmed the stickies to form the shapes of the lights and other car features.

What are some creative pranks you have pulled or know about?

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