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Saturday, April 7, 2012

What I Wore

I don't have many pics this week which is unfortunate for two reasons. First and mostly, it means that husband Spencer had to work a lot. And I mean a lot. And second, I wore a lot of good outfits that I don't have record of. I might have to put them back on when he is around so I can have some photos. I just like to have a log so I can remember what I wore, but also so I can see if it looks good in the photo as well as the mirror.

I wore the trench vest two ways this week (one is pictured below). I also got a mint green pleated skirt that is to die for that I wore to work on Friday.

Local store shirt, Target cardigan and shoes, Maurices pants, Disneyland necklace

WHEN: Saturday, April 7

WHERE: Family Easter Dinner

GETTING CREATIVE: This shirt was one of those dumb purchases. It really doesn't fit well, but I just had to have it. Wearing a cardigan or jacket over it covers up the huge neckline and it turns out okay.

H&M shirt, Old Navy trench vest, New York & Co. pants, Target shoes

WHEN: Monday, April 2


GETTING CREATIVE: I have probably worn these pants with a striped top a bazillion times now so I don't know how creative it was. I did put my trench vest research to good use though!

Well, I am going to end here so I can get back to watching Downton Abbey. OBSESSED! I was horrified by the last five minutes of the first episode and was appalled by everyone online and IRL that recommended the show. But some of the people I really trust had recommended it so I watched another episode or two and nothing else disgusting has happened. I wonder if some of those people missed the first episode. But anyway, It's soooooo good. I watched the first season online and put season 2 on hold at the library. Of course the wait line was really long. But I found out that my grandma had purchased the DVDs!!!! I am almost done with the second season and will have to join everyone in waiting for the third. Any other fans out there?

Happy Easter! Have a great weekend! Thanks for being here!

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