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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Anthro Inspired Pink and Yellow Necklace

DISCLAIMER! I know that my necklace does not look exactly like the Anthropologie one. I, of course, wanted to make it unique, but I also wanted to make with supplies I already had. I didn't want to spend any money on it!

Here is the Anthropoligie original:

Here is my necklace:
(It looks cuter on, see below)

They are both the same length but I didn't have enough beads so I have more chain and my necklace looks longer.

You need two strands of embroidery floss or other cord at least 30 inches long each.

I used 12 round glass beads, and wanted to use the coral beads pictured below.

You also need some chain to make the necklace the right length.

String one bead on both strands of floss. Pull it down to the center of the floss.

Tie knots on both ends of the bead. I crossed the floss pieces over each other like I was tying my shoes. I used triple knots to make it thick enough.

Continue to add beads, knotting between them until all the beads are strung.

The coral beads wouldn't fit on the floss. The hole was too small. So instead I used pink beads like the Anthro necklace. I used 2 dark pink and 6 light pink beads on each side.

String the colored beads on. Be careful to hold both ends. My beads fell off several times while I was stringing!

Tie the floss onto the chain with several good knots. You might want to put a little glue on too. Trim the ends of the string. Do this on both sides.

Attach a clasp in the middle of the chain and voila! You have a cute spring necklace!

If you make one I would love to see it!

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