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Saturday, February 18, 2012

What I Wore

Wet Seal blouse, Old Navy Sweater, Maurices pants, Payless shoes

WHEN: Monday, February 13

WHERE: Work for wear red day.

GETTING CREATIVE: I didn't have anything long sleeved/warm for wear red day at school so I had to find a layer that would show the red but keep me warm. I haven't worn these shoes in so long so I incorporated them for the wear red theme. Oh would you look at that hair. It needs a good cut!

This is the only photo I got all week. I didn't get a pic of my V-day outfit because I only got to wear it for about 45 min. I was unloading grocery bags from my car that contained ice cream toppings for an upcoming student council fundraiser. I dropped one, and the can of whip cream exploded all over me and my car (just the outside!) and the car I was parked next to! Luckily it was a PE day so I changed into my workout clothes and tried to wash my pants (the red ones!!) in the home ec washing machine. That took longer than expected so by the time they were done it was time for my PE class. I did wear the same outfit the next day, but was unable to get a picture. Then I noticed that my freshly washed pants had some sort of greasy black stain on the knee. Sigh. That reminds me. Those pants are in the washer. I had better go check on them and see if the stain came out.

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