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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Shop Your Closet: Plain T

Shop Your Closet is a feature where I find some inspiration and then go shopping in my closet to recreate it. This way I am exercising my creativity without spending any money.

Taking pictures of yourself is hard.

This week I found the blog My Edit, via Kendi Everyday. Both ladies had worn plain white t-shirts with skirts. I thought it was cute so I tried it out. I don't have a solid colored skirt and couldn't tuck my shirt in due to the nature of my skirt so my outfit isn't quite as polished. I'll have to try this style again some other time.

I want to give a shout out to Daneal who is my one and only friend who has linked up with me. She designed an outfit based on the Yellow Bird bag by Vera Bradley. I happen to own that bag! Check out her blog, Living Outside the Stacks and see the outfit here.

Do you have some outfit inspiration to share with us? Link up below! Have a great weekend!

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Sarah Grecco said...

I love plain white T's, tanks, dresses, name it. White never bores me and looks good on everyone. Even me who is scary white and barely sees the sun ever!


Get Up & Go

DaenelT said...

Awwww you're too sweet. I came by today to check out what you're wearing and, girl, we must be on the same brain wave.... Yesterday I went and bought my first "real" plain white tee. I usually just wear the Hanes ones but I wanted one with more modesty and a little more polish. I'll be linking up a picture later this week.


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