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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Everybody Everywear: Thrifted

I am rather new to the thrifting scene so I don't have many treasures to share. I did recently pick up these shorts and I am loving them. They are Calvin Kline and I got them at Savers. I have worn them three times lately.

I've been having white balance issues lately.

I also got a yellow and white striped banana republic shirt, red puffy vest from Gap, and a cheap little no name plaid skirt that will be great for going to back to teaching school in the fall.

Check out My Edit for some great thrifting tips. Seriously. She has good advice. It's really easy to get carried away in a thrift store. She helps you keep your head and make smart purchases.

Check out Everybody Everwear to see what everyone else is wearing that they have thrifted.

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