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Saturday, April 2, 2011

TP art inspiration

I recently discovered toilet paper holder art. I am TOTALLY making some of these. My mom has been saving the rolls from her house too and I have enough to start today while I listen to LDS General Conference. Here are the projects I will be using for inspiration.

The How-To Gal

My plan is to combine a few of the ideas and put my own twist on it. I want to make four small pieces to hang together for a big impact. I am totally copying the turquoise color- I already bought the spray paint.

Any suggestions? Wish me luck! Hopefully it will be all done to show you in a couple of weeks.


Naomi said...

LOVE this idea! I think the wreath is adorable...I must make one.

Suzy said...

Thanks for featuring my wall art! Let me know when you complete your project and I will be sure to feature you at Suzys Artsy Craftsy sitcom!


Laura said...

Wow! I've seen some of these types of projects before where toilet paper rolls are cut, reshaped, and turned into wall art. But none of them were nearly as beautiful as the examples you've shown here! I particularly love that last one! I can't wait to see how yours turns out - you've got some great inspiration points here to work from!


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