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Thursday, June 14, 2012

I've Gone Crazy for Crochet!

Over the spring I took a crochet class. (Utah locals- check out Canyons School District community ed classes for next fall if you are interested.) We spent one week learning each stitch. I liked it okay, but just stitching in rows making washcloths wasn't that thrilling to me. The last two weeks of the 8 week course were spent making flowers and by so doing, learning how to read a pattern. My flower from the class turned out just okay.... but I LOVED reading the pattern and crocheting in the round. I was "hooked" ha ha!

I bought these six skeins of yarn from Walmart- the cheapest they had in order to practice following patterns.

The first pattern I tried on my own was this Hawaiian flower by Sarah London. I didn't realize until it was too late that the pattern was written using the British symbols, which are different than American ones. (Plus I had a different kind of yarn.) Now, she has released the pattern as a PDF so it's easier to follow. I will have to try again.

 The next pattern I tried was this Japanese Flower from Revving it Up. LOVE IT!

I really wanted to try a granny square next. I did make a very simple small square but wanted something more fun. I made this African Flower Granny Sqaure by following a YouTube video. It isn't perfect, but I am very pleased!

I made another flower granny square using this tutorial. Isn't it cute?

Another project I tried was baby barefoot sandals with flowers. I think I am going to put a button or jewel or something in the center of the flower.

What's my next project? I will give you a hint:

I have pinned over 130 crochet projects so far... more than I can possibly hope to make. If you want a list of a lot of free patterns, check out or follow my crochet pin board.

Want to learn to crochet? I would highly recommend Crafty Minx's free Crochet School. She has videos and step-by-step instructions in 23 lessons. It's a great resource and I have learned a lot through using her lessons! (There are also special videos if you are left-handed.)

Have fun!


Amber said...

Hoot hoot! I love the owl-in-making!

Deals, Steals and Heels said...

crochet is SO addicting!!! i was a scarf-making FOOL in the fall last year, i can't wait to make more!

emily said...

i love the idea of using cheaper yarn and making mini things,I think a lot of us are tempted to jump into projects and waste materials that way! I love your tutorials!

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