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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Refashion #6 Anthro Inspired Blouse

While browsing the Anthropologie website I saw this blouse (Perdita) (below) and thought it was such a great take on a standard button front shirt. It is business-like, but fun and feminine at the same time.

I found this pink striped Old Navy shirt in my closet. I have had it for years. It's cute and still in good condition, but I don't wear it much. Do you ever just get bored of a shirt after a long time?

I knew the Anthro blouse was the ticket to revitilizing this shirt.

I gathered fabrics that matched the shirt. It has light pink, maroon, and a dark color that could be gray or brown. I chose to use both so the shirt would go with both my gray and my brown boots this fall!

I made a variety of flowers from the fabrics.

The popular rolled rosettes of course had to go on my shirt. The pink ones are made from a pillowcase (just like this necklace), the gray from a t-shirt, and the stripe from JoAnn fabric I bought just for this project.

These roses were made by cutting long 1" wide strips of shiny smooth polyester fabric. I melted the edges of the fabric with a candle. I then stitched a basting stitch (is that what it is called?) down the edge of each strip. I pulled the thread to gather the fabric, then rolled up the fabric to create the flower.

This flower was designed using the same technique as above but with cotton fabric so I didn't burn the edges. It just frays.

This brown flower was made by folding circles of fabric into fourths and stitching the points together. Mine turned out pretty uneven so I hid it under some of the other flowers.

Finally, I cut geometric shapes from the gray t-shirt of varying sizes and stacked them on top of each other. It looked too much like sweat pants, so I added a pink pearl to the center. (I also used similar flowers on another shirt refashion.)

The final flower collection:

I played around for quite awhile with the placement of the flowers. I had to decide what to do about the pocket, collar, and how close to put the flowers to the buttons. The Anthro shirt had more flowers and even strips of fabric (ribbon?) but I wanted to start simple. If I feel like it later I can always add more.

I changed from this arrangement and moved the flowers up higher as to not cover the pocket.

I attached the flowers using fabric glue but sewing might be better.

Ta da! My old shirt is now fun and fresh! I can't wait to wear it. I am thinking this shirt, skinny jeans with boots and a fabulous jacket will make a great fall outfit!

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Andrea said...

I'm loving all of your flowers! I am totally into all of the fabric flowers right now. I can't get enough of them! Stopped by from TTandJ!

Dorian said...

How cute is this shirt? LOVE IT! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog...I'm your newest follower!

Tiffany said...

I love how creative you are :) Always enjoy getting new ideas from your site.

Roo @ NiceGirlNotes said...

Very cute! I love Anthropologie, but my bank account doesn't.

Jennifer said...

Super cute! You did great, I love it!

Michelle L. said...

Hi, Aubree - thanks for leaving such a sweet comment on my blog! I had to come see what you are up to - wow, you do gorgeous stuff!!! I totally love this shirt, so wearable and elegant but fun. (Sorry, anthropologie, but Aubree's is way prettier.)

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

I think your shirt refashion is just as cute as the Anthro version. :) Visiting from Jennifer's Tutorial Tuesday party!

Sarah said...

That is so adorable! I like yours even better than the one that inspired it! Hope you have a wonderful day! Be sure to visit my blog for a great giveaway!

***Visit my blog for a GIVEAWAY and new linking party!***

southernscraps said...

Love how this turned out!

kimaloo said...

I love this! I think your version is way better than the Anthro one... beautiful!

Abbi said...

Very cute! I love remaking clothes you already have so that they feel new.

zeshuregi said...

hi its looking marvelous...very nice hmmmmmm

Regina Moore said...

Super cute! The variation of fabric flowers is wonderful!

Alice said...

Adorable! Better than the inspiration!


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